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Fibresand Equestrian – Innovators and market leaders in fibre reinforced sand surfaces

The original Fibresand Equestrian reinforced product was patented and first produced by Mansfield Sand in 1985. It is based on a remarkably simple but highly effective concept of using synthetic fibres to stabilise a silica sand in order to produce a free draining yet relatively firm, sure footing surface.

FibreSand 30th Anniversary

The rot proof polypropylene fibres act to stabilise the silica sand by providing a high degree of resistance to sand particle movement when the surface is subjected to compressive and or sheer forces from the horses’ hooves.

The net result of this stabilisation or increase in cohesion is that the penetration of the horses’ hooves into the surface is restricted to a few centimetres, the actual depth of penetration being determined by the gait of the horse and also the condition of the surface.

It is important to recognise that the minimal surface spread, reduced hoof penetration and relatively low kick-back, provides a very sure-footing surface such that a horse can perform its work as confidently as if it were working on turf in ‘good’ condition.

In other words, Fibresand Equestrian is an extremely safe surface minimising the risk of leg injuries and all other problems associated with inconsistent, slippery or deep riding surfaces.

Fibresand Equestrian is a cost effective, durable and resistant surface which works as an excellent base layer that is free draining with a sure footing.

An insulating product of your choice such as chopped rubber or pvc granules can be added to keep the sand insulated and moist during the long dry periods as well as aiding the sand from freezing during sub zero temperatures.


Trefor Jones, Managing Director, T O Jones

“I always use Fibresand Equestrian as a product it is fantastic, consistent and is so easy for the customer to maintain.”

Mr Hawkins, Fibresand Equestrian Manege, Peterborough

“The advice supplied by Mansfield Sand has been limitless and their attention to the customer has been flawless.
Back in 1990 we created a DIY Fibresand surface. We used a local course sand to which we added high concentrate Fibresand Equestrian. 25 years on, with the membrane in need of replacement, we took the action to scrape back the sand and replace the membrane. The two products are now thoroughly mixed, the surface has tracked down excellently and I would say the arena is better than ever. After 25 years it’s a total triumph, this has to be value for money!”

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