Equestrian / Equestrian Silica Sand

Equestrian Silica Sand

Equestrian sand is a sub angular silica sand which is produced at our hydro classification plant by a washing process which creates a clean, free draining fine grade sand.

The fibre stabilised Equestrian Silica Sand provides an excellent riding surface which is free draining with very sure footing.

A pure sand surface will ride deep and unstable (especially during dry periods) causing the horse to work through the sand rather than on top of it.

Equestrian Silica Sand is not intended or recommended for use alone, however it is ideally suited as a base sand for onsite incorporation of a fibre stabilising product which will provide structure and stability to the sand.



Sally Ann-Tucker, Leicestershire

“The Mansfield Sand Equestrian silica sand has certainly stood up to continuous hard work. 12 years on the surface still rides and drains fantastically, it’s been the perfect medium upon which I have progressed my horses from preliminary to advanced medium level dressage.”

Shirley Talbot, Goole

“Having installed my Mansfield Sand Manege in 2008, I have found the surface so durable, free draining, stable and so easy to maintain.
The perfect surface for bringing on my young horses.”

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