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The ongoing maintenance of your Manège or Indoor arena surface is essential to its effectiveness and longevity. Mansfield Sand offers expert advice on how to keep your surface in the best possible condition all year round. Here are a few tips to get you started –

Regular, light harrowing or levelling of the surface should be carried out in order to maintain as level a surface as possible. This will keep the surface free from marked undulations particularly in localised low spots, e.g, track region, entrance gate region, and take-off and landing regions to practice jumps etc.

It should be remembered that the water percolation rate through the sand to the base will gradually diminish with time. This is due to the lower layer of sand becoming compacted whilst the upper layer becomes contaminated with general dirt, airborne dust, horse droppings and leaf debris. Therefore deeper harrowing of the sand at periodic intervals is recommended to relieve lower level compaction and minimise the effects of organic residue build-up. This can be achieved by using a weighted spike harrow or a hydraulically controlled harrow.

Regular surface maintenance and general housekeeping, which should include the removal of any horse droppings on a daily basis, will make a significant difference to the performance of the surface. A neglected surface may eventually result in an unusable Manège during adverse weather conditions.

The outside ‘track’ region of a Manège will gradually but almost inevitably become more compacted that the rest of the surface and may even develop a ‘pan’ layer which will significantly reduce water drainage rates. This will depend, however on the intensity of use and its amount of organic residue that is trodden into the surface. Therefore, even in a well maintained arena it may be beneficial to replace the track region at periodic intervals.


For further maintenance advice and technical information please contact us for details.

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