Industrial / Pavior Sand (Joint Filling Sand)

Pavior Sand (Joint Filling Sand)

Dry Pavior Sand (Paver Sand, Block Paving Sand)

Pavior Sand (also known Kiln dried sand, Paver Sand, or Block Filling Sand) is used for filling joints on Block Paving, creating a close and tight bond. The coverage achieved will be dependant of the blocks you are using.

1-4mm Joint Filling Aggregate (Double Screened Washed Crushed Granite)

Permeable Chippings have been especially selected for their angular shape and are essential for installation of Permeable Block Paving to ensure strong joints.


50mm Thickness = Approx 7.6 sqm/25kg bag
60mm Thickness = Approx 5.6 sqm/25kg bag
80mm Thickness = Approx 4.4 sqm/25kg bag

Joint Filling Aggregate
60mm Thickness = Approx 4 sqm/25kg bag
80mm Thickness = Approx 3 sqm/25kg bag

Bags Sizes

25kg bags, 56 bags/pallet, 1.4 tonnes/pallet
Alternative bag weights available on request
Mini Bulk bag
Own Livery/Bag design optional

Load Sizes

From 1 pallet to 20 pallets with or without offload.


Product is supported in polythene packaging which is suitable for outdoor use

Technical information and advice is available on request. Contact us for further details.

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