Industrial / Fibre Rootzone Landscape

Fibre Rootzone Landscape

The Fibre Rootzone comprises of a sand and soil mix which is reinforced with a polypropylene fibre, the material will reduce compaction along with  improving the stability and drainage of a grassed area.

Once installed the material will provide a nourishing growing medium which will eliminate water logged surfaces.

Fibre Rootzone is recommended as a green alternative to hard surface landscaping for areas such as:

  • Emergency vehicle access routes
  • Car parks and overflow parking areas
  • Access roads and drives
  • Landscaped areas and heavy use amenity areas
  • Sports surfaces and airfields
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Recreational areas


Fibre Rootzone comprises of a blend of silica sand, organic matter and 35mm long polypropylene fibres which produce a homogeneous rootzone.

Silica Sand ensures that water and rainfall is able to drain away to prevent water logging. A variety of silica grades are available to suits a variety of applications.

Organic Matter provides the required nutrients for healthy grass growth as well as preserving moisture – essential during dry periods. This is usually derived from an optimum mix of soil and ‘green waste’ compost.

Polypropylene fibres provide strength for the grass roots in all directions. Being rot proof, they protect the natural grass roots. They help the surface resist compaction and deformation. This is vital in areas of heavy or demanding foot traffic-such as sports surfaces, or where vehicle may have access. Fibre Rootzone also helps maintain optimal growth conditions for the grass and preserves the look of the turf.

Supplied in bulk tippers, Fibre Rootzone should be laid as the top 75-200mm, dependant on end use, thus producing a fibre reinforced or stabilised upper rootzone. The natural turf finish is then produced by either seeding directly into the Fibre Rootzone or laying turf.

Eddie Seaward, Head Groundsman Wimbledon

“We are delighted with the car parks performance during the championships as despite poor weather towards the end of the second week, the surface remained firm and stable. This new surface will last us for years.” …read more testimonials…

Sean Doxy, Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

“Mature Fibre Rootzone (ready grown) is ideal for our clients car parks because it gives immediate effect, provides an all weather parking surface and remains in keeping with the beautiful surroundings here at Chatsworth.” …read more testimonials…

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