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Heicom Tree Sand

Tree Sand is a special blend of washed and graded silica sand with green compost that is used for planting trees in urban environments, particularly where the rootzone around the root ball needs to be compacted to carry pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Heicom Tree Sand was developed following initial research in Dutch Universities and is now produced in the UK by Mansfield Sand under license from Heicom.

When lightly compacted, Tree Sand prevents subsidence and helps maintain the integrity of the paved area. Unlike standard tree soil, the texture of the carefully selected sand leaves sufficient pore space and nutrition to allow healthy development of the tree roots.

The use of Tree Sand avoids the considerable expense and inconvenience of replacing dead or dying trees in an urban environment. The addition of composted and other natural ingredients creates a better environment for healthier trees.

Tree Sand is recommended for:

  • Planting trees mainly in urban paved areas


  • Resists Compaction by Pedestrians/Vehicles
  • Provides Stability
  • Improves Drainage
  • Prevents Subsidence
  • Encourages Healthy Tree Growth
Heicom Tree Sand
Heicom Tree Sand

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