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Manufactured Top Soil

Sherwood Top Soil

Sherwood Topsoil is a manufactured topsoil comprising a blend of washed, horticultural grade silica sand and PAS100 certified green compost.

The soil has a consistent, friable, sandy texture and is essentially stone free therefore very easy to use and work. It is adequately supplied with organic matter and all major plant nutrients offering good water holding capacity and drought resistance.

This product is suitable for all general purpose landscaping applications including use as bedding soil and for planting the majority of tree and shrub species.

Sherwood Topsoil complies to the General Purpose Grade in BS 3882 ‘Specification for Topsoil.’ It is produced at the Two Oaks Quarry in Mansfield, with all year round availability for collection or delivery in bulk tipper loads or in 1 tonne mini-bulk bags.

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