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Fibrelastic is the trademark name given to natural grass growing in a Fibrelastic Rootzone.

A typical Fibrelastic Rootzone would comprise 80% by volume sand and 20% by volume organic matter (soil and/or compost) reinforced with both Polypropylene and Elastane fibres.

The reinforced rootzone is totally premixed at our plant in Mansfield and delivered to site in bulk tipper vehicles.

A typical Football or Rugby pitch of 7,500 m2 would require 1,200 tonnes of Fibrelastic to form the upper rootzone at a depth of 100mm.

The three main advantages of a Fibrelastic pitch compared to other fibre reinforced sand dominant pitches are as follows:

1) A reduction in surface hardness – less jarring of limbs and lower risk of player injury.

2) An increase in surface resilience – more energy feedback to players feet, therefore a less tiring surface.

3) A further increase in rootzone cohesion – increased traction therefore less surface disturbance.

Fibrelastic pitches are both more player friendly and more groundsman friendly than existing fibre reinforced sand dominant pitches and, as such, represent a further step forward in rootzone technology for natural turf pitches.

Fibrelastic Turf

Fibrelastic Turf

Mansfield Sand Company’s Fibrelastic is recommended for:

  • Football Pitches
  • Rugby Pitches


  • Decrease in surface hardness
  • Increased surface resilience
  • Increased rootzone cohesion
  • Less risk of player injury
  • Tailored to specific requirements

Wayne Lumbard, Head Groundsman, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

“Our Fibrelastic stadium pitch, together with our Fibrelastic training pitch and two Fibresand training pitches have had a very positive impact on the players, the Grounds team, and the wider support team here at Wolverhampton Wanderers.” …read more testimonials…

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