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Fibresand is the original and unique polypropylene fibre reinforced silica sand that is mainly used for incorporation into winter sports pitch rootzones in order to provide extra stability to the turf surface.

This reinforcement effect is particularly advantageous when grass cover has been reduced due to heavy usage and wear during the winter period.

Straight polypropylene fibres are used in order to achieve a completely random distribution throughout the matrix of sand particles – producing a completely homogeneous but very cohesive material. When incorporated into an upper sand/soil rootzone and consolidated, the fibres act as a mass of indestructible synthetic grass roots effectively reinforcing or stabilising the rootzone and producing a tighter, more divot resistant surface.

Delivery is in the form of bulk tippers of 10,16 and 20 tonne net rigid vehicles or 28/29 tonnes in articulated vehicles. It is also available in 1 tonne minibulk bags on request.

Mansfield Sand Company’s Fibresand is recommended for:

  • Winter sport pitch construction
  • High wear areas(eg goal mouths)
  • Golf Tees
  • Buggy Paths
  • Golf Bunker lining


  • Stabilising
  • Free draining
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Tailored to specific requirements


Wayne Lumbard, Head Groundsman, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

“Our Fibrelastic stadium pitch, together with our Fibrelastic training pitch and two Fibresand training pitches have had a very positive impact on the players, the Grounds team, and the wider support team here at Wolverhampton Wanderers.” …read more testimonials…

Ryan Golding, Leeds Rhinos

“We laid our Fibresand surface in November 2012 and could not be happier with it. The flexibility we receive from Fibresand is invaluable in a highly used stadium like ours. The players comment on how much they enjoy playing on the surface and this helps us to keep Headingley as a famous stadium to come and play or watch your rugby.” …read more testimonials…

Technical information and advice is available on request. Contact us for further details.

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