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Fibreturf Rootzone
Fibre rootzone is produced off site at our Two Oaks Quarry as the final, ready to lay growing medium.

This totally homogeneous blend is delivered in bulk tippers to the pitch site and laid as the upper rootzone. It is then consolidated to a typical finalised depth of 100mm, fertilised and seeded to produce the final natural grass pitch.

The standard Fibreturf rootzone for a new pitch is an 80/20 percentage by volume blend of MM45 medium grade silica sand and screened topsoil.

Other custom made blends are frequently produced, which can vary in both the sand/soil ratio and the fibre content.

An analysis is made from samples taken from the upper rootzone, prior to the end of the season, to identify exact requirements. This is particularly for end of season renovation work on existing Fibre pitches.

Data Sheets on standard and custom made blends are available on request.

Delivery is in the form of bulk tippers of 10,16 and 20 tonne net rigid vehicles or 28/29 tonnes in articulated vehicles.

Mature Custom Grown Fibreturf

Mature Custom Grown Fibreturf is 40mm thick natural turf grown in a Fibreturf rootzone by specialist turf providers.

It is ideal for sports and for landscaping projects where there is insufficient time for the turf to be produced by seeding.

For more information and quotations, please contact County Turf on 01724 855000.

Fibreturf Rootzone

Fibreturf Rootzone

Mansfield Sand Company’s Fibre Rootzones are recommended for;

  • Winter sport pitch construction
  • High wear areas(eg goal mouths)
  • Golf Tees
  • Buggy Paths
  • Golf Bunker lining


  • Stabilising
  • Free draining
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Tailored to specific requirements

Technical information and advice is available on request. Contact us for further details.

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