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Bunker Sand

The bunker sand produced by Mansfield Sand Company is a high quality, medium coarse grade sand that is buff in colour with a sub rounded particle shape.

It has fantastic playing characteristics as well being aesthetically attractive, making it the ideal choice for any bunker design project.

Bunker Sand

Phil Stain, Head Green Keeper, Notts Golf Club Hollinwell

“The Mansfield Bunker Sand fits in nicely with our course profile, layout and bunker design. It has great playing characteristics and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye both from the tee and around the green.” …read more testimonials…

Ian Marshall, Head Green Keeper, Wellingborough Golf Club

“Our bunkers were re-built in 1999/2000 and filled with Mansfield Bunker Sand in conjunction with the reconstruction of all of our greens and tees also using Mansfield USGA sand soil rootzone. We were and are still completely satisfied with the performance of all products backed up by a totally efficient delivery service.” …read more testimonials…

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