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Golf has continuously changed over the years, with technical improvements to clubs, balls and clothing resulting in players being able to play better and in more comfort all year round. Changes also have occurred on the course itself, for example, with the advent of improvements in irrigaton technology.

However the biggest changes have been on the greens. Once, greens were built to retain water in the summer, when most people played, and were not expected to be used much if at all in the winter.

Now, greens are expected to be playable virtually all year round, are mowed lower than ever before (often as low as 3mm), and must endure more traffic. In spite of these challenges, golfers expect high quality putting surfaces like the ones that they see on television – and they expect them on a daily basis. Many older greens simply cannot meet such high demands.

As a result, greens all over the country are being rebuilt to USGA standards. These are free draining greens, based on an 80/20 rootzone mix which can cope with all but extreme weather conditions.
Mansfield Sand USGA mix, based on MM35 sand, conforms with all USGA specifications, and is processed following ISO9001 standards to ensure consistency.

Delivery is in the form of bulk tippers in 10, 16 or 20 tonne net rigid vehicles or 28/29 tonne articulated lorries. Products are also available in 1 tonne minibulk bags.

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