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Top Dressing (Sterilised)

Mansfield Sand produces a range of sand/soil blends that are passed through a steriliser unit and then over a 3mm screen in order to produce a pebble free, sterilised product with a moisture content in the range 1-2% w/w.

As such, this type of material is in ideal combination for applying to fine turf surfaces, such as golf or bowling greens, using standard top dressing spreading equipment.

A standard percentage by volume blends, namely 80/20 is produced. Other blends can be produced by request.

Delivery is in the form of bulk tippers of 10,16 and 20 tonne net rigid vehicles or 28/29 tonnes in articulated vehicles. Products are bagged in 25kg plastic sacks, typically palletised and shrink wrapped in nominal 1.4 tonne units and 1 tonne minibulk bags.

Mansfield Sand Company’s Sterilised Top Dressings are recommended for:

  • Golf Greens
  • Bowling greens


  • Quality controlled consistent mix
  • Free draining
  • Easy to apply
  • Tailored to specific requirements
Top Dressing Sterilised

Top Dressing Sterilised

Richard Bond, Head Green Keeper, Oakmere Park Golf Club

“A totally homogenous sterilised top dressing is what we need. Mansfield sterilised top dressing satisfies our needs. Easy to handle, spreads easily and totally compatible with our Mansfield rootzone greens.” …read more testimonials…

Technical information and advice is available on request. Contact us for further details.

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