Dear All, Well … we have now laid our arena surface at Wilson Farm. I was sad that it couldn’t be Fibresand … and I’m all the more so now. What we have is a nice surface. However until now not a patch on Fibresand because: • It rides deep and patchy if not sufficiently wet, and it needs to be pretty wet • It needs watering; • It takes a lot of maintenance to repair it to a level and secure footing once it has become deep; • They say it will take 6 months to bed-in. (I only hope it WILL bed in); and…. • It needs a pretty sophisticated piece of kit (apparently costing circa £2,500) to maintain it, where for most of our Fibresand arena’s life we just used a set of harrows or a metal gate. It has made me realise just how good Fibresand is (and was right from the start!). We have never had a problem with the ride surface Fibresand offered or its consistency across key areas of the arenas; It performs in wet or dry weather; and it truly IS minimum maintenance. So … Congratulations, yet again for a fantastic product. AND Thank you, yet again, for everything you did for us and for giving us a hassle free arena that has been fantastic for almost 25 years, and continues to perform without a problem! end

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